Date nights

Since Nate and I have very different schedules and I am a bit OCD its easier to pre-plan date nights where we can spend quality time together. We try to do this at least once a week.


Thursday’s on cedar street have officially become “Filet Thursdays”. Like many men, Nate enjoys red meat and would eat it every day if possible. There is this great hole-in-the-wall butcher shop called julians that we go to get our date night food.

When I first met Nate he literally had no silverware. He had one steak knife and in his refrigerator was soy sauce, mayo, catsup, and soda. That’s it. He ate out for every meal. According to him, he was not even able to fix Mac n cheese without screwing it up. I am by no means a chef, but I love to cook. After many months of cooking at his house (with a stocked refrigerator) he has become a culinary fiend.


He really enjoys fixing filet with different glazes or sauces. {It works well that he likes fixing meat because it honestly makes me nauseated to look at before it’s done} This particular evening, he made a bleu cheese and bread crumb sauce and topped it all off with roasted red peppers. Oh my, was that good!

Since the origin of “Filet Thursday” we have branched out. He found Cornish game hens at Julian’s along with the most amazing chicken rub. It was a little strange to stuff the bird with a can, and even stranger to pull it out once they were cooked. When we fix these again they will go great with mashed potatoes and a garden salad.




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