The Date Jar

In the spirit of being frugal, my boyfriend and I have come up with the fabulous date jar. We’ve started trying to try to use paper instead of plastic and put all of our spare change into a little mason jar and both loved the idea. We took our change to Coinstar (Did you know that you can gift giftcards without any service fee taken out? They have tons of different places to choose from, my favorites are and chili’s.) and got a few “eCertificates” printed out and had a great night on the town. There was around $50 in a semesters worth of change! 

We wanted to keep this going and thought it would be fun to add a little of competition too, we each wrote down what we thought the grand total would be. The “winner” gets to choose which eCertificate they want to use the change on. 

I also decided to spruce up the mason jar a little, I added a few of those huge letter stickers that are in the back to school isle for science fairs and such. 

I liked the look, but the letters were having a hard time staying sticky.. so I decided to add a little more umph and spray paint it. I think it turned out great. I also like how it makes a little “window” so you can see how much change there is without it being overwhelming. Some of the edges are a little rough, but I still think it’s cute. 


Are there any other money saving ideas out there? I’d love to hear any tips or ideas! -Boog


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