Europe on my mind

Last night after dinner Nate and I were watching one of our favorite tv shows, No Reservations. The places this guy goes– what he gets to see, experience, taste– what would we give to be able to do that. This discussion sparked an idea. Why can’t we go?


Well, besides time, money, work, and school we have nothing holding us back.

This is when we started talking about timing. I will graduate in two years as a PA. An idea sparked: if we go then, it will give us a time frame to save money.

We made our list of cities we would want to visit. It will take us between 21 and 30 days to complete our multi-country dream trip.

Our tentative list of experiences include:
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Zurich, Switzerland
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
The Vatican
Naples, Italy
Athens, Greece
Prague, Czech Republic


We calculated how expensive this trip will be (it is A LOT of money) and if we could potentially make it happen. We made a plan and hopefully in two years I will not only have my dream career, but also be on my dream trip!



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