I am so blessed. Yesterday was my birthday that I share with my grandpa and cousin. We had a party at my moms house. It was perfect. She made excellent food, and an adorable “birthday mateys” cake.


After dinner, we went and opened birthday presents. My sister (boog) made me very thoughtful things. She made a jar for me to start saving for the European trip I have been talking about.


My mom got me my first stethoscope. Besides the fact that it is awesome (it converts from adults to kids size and it’s my favorite color) and very practical, it is exactly what I needed. I have been discouraged about wether or not I will be accepted, or if I am good enough to get in. Getting that from my parents made me realize how much faith they have in me.


From my grandparents I had asked for a handmade project. My grandma is a painter, and my grandpa is a wood worker. I enjoy painting, but in my new apartment I would not have the luxury of a craft room. I found this piece of furniture on the Internet and asked them to make it for me. I will post another blog with pictures once I move and get it hung up. It is truly beautiful and the picture doesn’t do it justice.


I am looking forward to seeing what 23 holds in store for me. When I say I am blessed, it is an understatement. My family means the world to me, and I am one lucky girl.


Europe on my mind

Last night after dinner Nate and I were watching one of our favorite tv shows, No Reservations. The places this guy goes– what he gets to see, experience, taste– what would we give to be able to do that. This discussion sparked an idea. Why can’t we go?


Well, besides time, money, work, and school we have nothing holding us back.

This is when we started talking about timing. I will graduate in two years as a PA. An idea sparked: if we go then, it will give us a time frame to save money.

We made our list of cities we would want to visit. It will take us between 21 and 30 days to complete our multi-country dream trip.

Our tentative list of experiences include:
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Zurich, Switzerland
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
The Vatican
Naples, Italy
Athens, Greece
Prague, Czech Republic


We calculated how expensive this trip will be (it is A LOT of money) and if we could potentially make it happen. We made a plan and hopefully in two years I will not only have my dream career, but also be on my dream trip!


Missing my sister

With a crazy work schedule and being amidst studying for my grad school exam I have not been able to do much of anything. Especially travel.
I am missing my sister a whole lot. So I have decided to plan a sister love day for early August.
Here is my primary itinerary :

Coffee Times


Strawberry Chocolate & Brie “Grilled Cheese”

Picture Session

And, Of Course, A Little Crafting

I am up for any suggestions, but I want to have a plan of attack so we don’t get stuck at the snuggle phase. I love you boog, and I can’t wait to see you!

You say it’s your Birthday..

In the world of Boog and Rooter birthdays are a big deal, and I mean big. We decorate, craft, and eat ourselves silly. As some of you may know, July 17th is a very special day in our household. It is not only my wonderful Grandpa Cliff’s birthday but also my lovely sister’s (Our cousin, Lindsey, was born one day before on July 16th). All these birthday’s has made this quite the holiday in our household, we love celebrating!

With the birthday extravaganza being seven short days away I have been crafting up a storm in my little corner of the world and can not wait to share with you how our celebration went and show you all the gifts I made. I might even make two of everything and keep one for myself because it’s all looking so good!

– Boog

The Date Jar

In the spirit of being frugal, my boyfriend and I have come up with the fabulous date jar. We’ve started trying to try to use paper instead of plastic and put all of our spare change into a little mason jar and both loved the idea. We took our change to Coinstar (Did you know that you can gift giftcards without any service fee taken out? They have tons of different places to choose from, my favorites are and chili’s.) and got a few “eCertificates” printed out and had a great night on the town. There was around $50 in a semesters worth of change! 

We wanted to keep this going and thought it would be fun to add a little of competition too, we each wrote down what we thought the grand total would be. The “winner” gets to choose which eCertificate they want to use the change on. 

I also decided to spruce up the mason jar a little, I added a few of those huge letter stickers that are in the back to school isle for science fairs and such. 

I liked the look, but the letters were having a hard time staying sticky.. so I decided to add a little more umph and spray paint it. I think it turned out great. I also like how it makes a little “window” so you can see how much change there is without it being overwhelming. Some of the edges are a little rough, but I still think it’s cute. 


Are there any other money saving ideas out there? I’d love to hear any tips or ideas! -Boog

Appy uprising

Every year, a very generous family opens up their property in southern Ohio to host a weekend of camping, bluegrass, and fun. Quite a few of my friends have gone for several years, but this is the first time I have been able to attend.


The odds were not in our favor, but I had an absolute blast. It poured rain Friday morning and for it being June, at night it was FREEZING! We made due with a great bonfire and even better music.


We were able to bring chairs and blankets up to where the music was being played. All in all, it was fabulous and a definite plan for next year.